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Category Archives: computers

Office Music

No, not a new product by Microsoft. After the repainting project in our home office, we finally got the wall shelves up we’ve putting off.  As a way to motivate us, we’ve been holding off on getting some nice speakers for office music till the shelves were done, suffering with our semi-crappy computer speakers we […]

Some Cool OSX Utilities.

Due to an impending boot drive failure in my Mac Mini, I took the chance to reload my computer from scratch and reload everything manually.  It didn’t need a reload, but since I had to replace the boot drive, I thought it would be some good house cleaning to re-install everything manually, allowing me to get ride […]

too much email

Recently, I’ve just been growing frustrated with the amount of email I get, and the amount I end up just ignoring.  The amount of ‘newsletter’ emails I get from a services I signed up for here, or a deal I signed up for there, was getting to be too damn much. Google email is great […]

Apple Magic Trackpad

I’ve been a devoted fan of the Microsoft Trackball Explorer for many years, and use them both at work and at home.  But, most of mine are starting to wear out (the roller bearings that the ball rides on stop rolling as nicely after a while) and I can’t justify buying a new one.  They […]