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2011 Iceman

2:22:28.  If I remember correctly, 39th place in 40+ Clyde.  The lack of riding in September/October was noticeable, but still pretty happy with the race and my time.   View Larger Map

Lumberjack 100

I figured it was time I got off my butt and gave my LJ100 report. For a bit of background, this was my 4th attempt at the LJ.  I gave it a try the first year, with so little training it was criminal.  At the time, the race was 4 25 mile laps, but you […]

Spring Training

3 months since the last post?  Is anybody surprised? Didn’t think so. So, I didn’t ride outside much this winter.  Weather just seemed to be too harsh most of the time, with too much snow and ice to fight.  I’ve spent a good deal of the first part of the year at the gym, getting […]

not a news years resolution

Just because someone posts about exercise around New Years doesn’t mean it has anything to do with a New Years resolution.  It just ends up that as a cyclist in Michigan, New Years is about when you crawl off the couch, having crashed there a some point after Iceman, but in the middle of the […]