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End of Movember

Smooth as a baby’s….

..face. It’s time to start the winter beard, but for something different this year, I decided to start from a clean shave.  Feels sort of strange, and I’ve gotten tons of comments on the facebook photo I posted.  For many people, it’s the first time they’ve seen me clean shaven (and perhaps now understand why […]

Mount Clemens Farmer’s Market

Recent Workouts


Iceman 2010

2:28:05 Can’t say I was all that happy when I first found out my time, but I was totally surprised either. I had my gamin with my during the race, so I had a general idea what my time was going to be. But to be a couple of minutes slower this year then last […]

new toys and stuff

Walked into the Apple Store on Saturday to check out the new track pad thingy,  and ended up with a new iPhone 4.  I had been planning to upgrade, but wasn’t going to order and wait for the phone, and wasn’t planning on getting onto a waiting list to come back 1-2 days later to […]

weekday riding and popping chains

Two weeks in a row now,  I’ve been able to enjoy the treat of getting to ride during the day on a weekday.  Last Thursday, I was going to work from home,  since I had to take my truck into the shop to get some things checked out, but decided to rather take the day […]