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too much email

Recently, I’ve just been growing frustrated with the amount of email I get, and the amount I end up just ignoring.  The amount of ‘newsletter’ emails I get from a services I signed up for here, or a deal I signed up for there, was getting to be too damn much. Google email is great […]

jumping back into life

Well, it’s over. The last few months have been a blur of activity, as each time we successfully completed an event in our lives, it lead it immediate planning and stress for the next event.  Between Addison Oaks Race, Interbike, Massive Fallout, Chapter Meeting and Amsterdam, the last two months have been a repeating pattern […]

September is over….FINALLY!

At some point early in the month, I was thinking about how glad I would be to see October, because that would mean that I survived the end of September. The week leading up the Addison Oaks Race was a blur of last minute activity, but in the end, everything came off PERFECTLY.  The race […]