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wtf warm saturday

What the hell?  It was like 4 freaking degrees out just 2 or 3 days ago?  and you expect me to just accept it being in the mid freaking 40s today?  In early February? OK, I don’t have to understand it to enjoy it.  Some last minute emails and im chatting turned into a saturday […]

Tights: With or Without Chamois?

Last night, as I was dressing up to go out riding, I tossed on a pair of shorts and my PI AmFIB tights.  They have no chamois, so they need to be wore over something that does have a chamois.  And, I realized how odd that felt, because I had gotten very used to having […]

productive weekend

Originally, my son was supposed to come over this weekend, but I found out at the last minute he wasn’t going to be coming over, as he was gone all weekend on a scout trip.  We had planned to get a bunch of work done around the house, so now our schedules were clear to […]

Breezy October Ride

Earlier in the week, Marty and I chatted with Kristi and Eric about doing the Beat the Train ride on Saturday morning.  Last night while watching a movie at Mikes, we came to our senses.  (I’ve never done the Beat the Train ride, but that’s mostly because it starts on Saturday mornings at 6AM from […]

The Sunday Ride

The Sunday Ride Originally uploaded by netgeek Heading out for a quick Sunday AM ride before the ick from Ike hit us. Rode to check out the new Mijier (opening Wednesday the 17th!) and the park they created next to the development. Rode the closed bridge and the old golf course bridges over the swollen […]

Not Happening

I was really hoping to get out and ride this evening, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be happening.  We’re are heading out the Addison Oaks in the morning for a quick meeting, and we’ve decided that unless it’s RAINING, we’ll be taking the bikes and trying to get at least a lap […]

Wipeout at Lakeshore

Since I was working on the west side today, Marty and I brought out bikes and headed out to the Tree Farm for the Tuesday night ride. We were there early, so we headed out of a quick mini-prelap, Marty and Kim took off with Justin and Tina, and Mike and I did 1/2 of […]

Cool Weather, Cool Ride

Marty and were able to get out of the house relatively early this morning (a bit before 10AM) and head out to Stony Creek for a ride.  The weather was beautiful, the trail was in great condition (after getting some much needed rain earlier this week)  We were able to ride the course for the […]

Spinning our Asses off

Despite some early rain, Marty and I headed out and did some long rail trail and backroad riding. We got up sort of early, and checked out the weather.  There was a small system moving through, but it looked weak, and nothing coming behind it.  So we tossed the bikes onto the Jeep, and headed […]

3 for 3 Weekend

Those bikes never came in the house the whole weekend.  From when we loaded them on Friday till when we pulled them down Sunday afternoon, they were out for riding the whole time. Friday, we headed out to PLRA for a lap with Mike, Kim and The Sherp.  Our riding has been minimal the past […]