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almost there

Well, with just 3 days left for the Concept2 Holiday Challange, I think I have a good shot at making the goal.  Last week, we started spinning a few days a week, and that made it a bit more difficult to stay on pace, as we were spending a few nights a week spinning rather then rowing.

But, as we’ve stuck to it, we’ve been able to pick up our pace a bit, and it’s become easier to put in the longer workouts too.  (My personal best is a little over a hour, and just over 13K in that time)

My stats as of Sunday 12/21

My stats as of Sunday 12/21

But, we are down to the final 3 days left (we have till midnight on Wednesday to get our meters in), and I have just over 20K to go.  That means I have ~90 minutes of rowing left to reach my goal, although I’d like to see if I can beat the goal by just a bit (because, coming in a few dozen meters over the goal is just plain lame..<G>)

The truely shocking thing about this whole effect was seeing how many people reached the first 100K within the first few days (currently, 25 days into the 28 day challange, there are FOUR people with over 1,000,000 meters rowed, and the people with the highest is sitting at 1,429,000 meters.   I don’t think the term ‘challange’ really applied to these people)

Rowing with the Punches

So, I dared Marty, and she called my bluff.

I’ve been wanting to get a Concept2 Erg for quite a number of years.  They seemed like a well built exercise machine that could actually get used.  Does one thing, provides a decent full body workout (or pretty close to it) and does what it does very well.  Better then spending $1000 or more on a machine that does a bunch of things badly, and takes forever to adjust and setup.  But, they ran $800+, and were just never something I could justify at that price (I had checked eBay a number of times, but they aren’t something that ships easily.)

About a year ago, one popped up for sale locally, lightly used, and for a price I could justify.  I figured that at the price that was being asked, I could easily resell it later if I found I wasn’t using it, and get the majority of my money back out of it.  So, we bought it and set it up in the basement.  We both used it a few times here and there, but never regularly, and not with any real pattern or plan.

The Concept2 offers an online logbook that you can use to track your progress, and then will often to challenges to encourage people to get into regular rowing.  The big challenge they do every year is the Holiday Challenge, the goal of which is to row 200,000 meters between November 24th (Thanksgiving) and December 24th (Christmas Eve).  This year, they added the incentive of them offering to donate money to a selection of charities for anyone that completes at least 100,000 meters within the time frame.  So, when I received the email reminding me that the challenge was starting soon, I forwarded the email to Marty, and she bit.  So, on Thanksgiving, we started the challenge.

Overall Challage Standings as of 12/2 AM.

Overall Challage Standings as of 12/2 AM.

To reach the goal in 28 days, you need to row a little less then 7.2K per day, which takes roughly 40 minutes.  The intensity of the workout can be varied by how hard you pull during the stroke, so you increase your distance covered per time period, and either row a shorter period of time, or increase your distance in the time period (for example, I tend to cover 500m in 2:30-2:40, while Marty covers the same distance in 2:45-2:55), so you can push yourself has hard as you want, or take it easier to give different intensities for each workout.

My workouts in the challenge so far.

My workouts in the challenge so far.

So far, we are well on track to be able to go the distance on this challenge, and at our current rate, might even be able to take a day off per a week, if we desire.  But, we are approaching the 1/4 way mark in the challenge, and the end of our first week, and we are having a great time.  The weekend was the worse, as our bodies were starting to get a bit tired from the daily workouts, and the Podcasts that we were listening to during the workout wasn’t keeping us as distracted as they had been.  I switched over to watching TV last night, and found that dramatic reality type shows were the best for providing enough excitement to provide some distraction.  (I watched Storm Chasers.  I expect that shows like that will be the best material for these workouts)

I’m hoping that this will also get me into the habit of using the rower, and that I will be able to continue using the rower for part of my winter training, as it provides a good contrast from spinning on the bike all winter, and I can feel the improvement in fitness it’s making already.

But, if we both put 200K on the machine in the next month, then at least we’re WELL on our way of getting our moneys worth out of it.