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Chrome is losing it's shine

I’ve been using Chrom at work since it came out a few weeks ago (not using it at home because there isn’t an official Mac version yet)  While I’m pretty happy with the overall features and feel of Chrome, it’s alpha software quirks are bad enough that I’ve went mostly back to FF3 for now. […]

Digital Rights Mismanagement

A year or so ago, I purchases an anti-DRM shirt on the interweb.  It was amazing to me how many people had no idea what DRM was, and I was often asked what the shirt meant (giving me a chance to give my little soap box speech on DRM) But, people are starting to get […]

Argh Annoyances!

It’s always pissed me off on the Mac in Firefox that the tab key will skip radio boxes. Tonight, I finally did some searching, and found the solution in about 3 minutes I have NO idea why it took me so long to finally look that up and fix it. I’ve probably wasted more time […]