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new toys and stuff

Walked into the Apple Store on Saturday to check out the new track pad thingy,  and ended up with a new iPhone 4.  I had been planning to upgrade, but wasn’t going to order and wait for the phone, and wasn’t planning on getting onto a waiting list to come back 1-2 days later to […]

Nerdy Updates

Couple of cool propellor head type things I’ve found and played with in the 24 hours. I’ve been looking for a way to intergrate some of the my OTHER blog like outposts on Internet into this blog.  Things like Twitter, Facebook, Flick, etc.  While looking for individual tools for each of those external feeds, I […]

-1 Unread Message? WTF?

Somehow, the magic pixie dust between my iPhone mail app and Gmail has become contaminated, and now my iPhone is showing me as having -1 unread messages (and if I have 1 unread message, then it’ll show 0 unread messages) I think this has something to do with the fact that I get two messages […]

Look into the iPhone…

.. For I am your God!!! (;

Freakin' cool man!

WordPress just released an iPhone client today, and this is the test post. So far, it looks like it’s going to be just what I need. I love it when a plan comes together!

iHappy 2.0

Getting my iPhone 2.0 update and downloading some cool apps is a great way to start a weekend! Great end to a frustrating week.

Xbox SmeXbox

Since the XBox has pooped the bed, and we’ve been burning DVD’s like the amish do, I decided to fix the problem.  I had been thinking about replacing me Mac Mini with a MacBook, and using the Mini as a media center, but that solution wasn’t in the near future fiscally. So, last Friday, I […]

iPhone / Flickr magic

Decided today that I was going to set things up so I could easily send photos from my iPhone to my Flicker account. I’ve not used Flickr much in the past, but not because I dislike it, but it didn’t serve a purpose for me. I used to send photos form my Razr to my […]