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new toys and stuff

Walked into the Apple Store on Saturday to check out the new track pad thingy,  and ended up with a new iPhone 4.  I had been planning to upgrade, but wasn’t going to order and wait for the phone, and wasn’t planning on getting onto a waiting list to come back 1-2 days later to […]

..and we're back!

Wednesday, the Apple Store called and told me that my Mac was fixed, and ready for pickup.  I dropped it off on Sunday afternoon, and they had it ready Wednesday morning.  Two days isn’t too shabby. First thing, I loaded up JungleDisk, and started to recover my ~user directory.  By the next morning, everything had […]

He's Dead Jim

Yesterday, I went to use my Mac, which I had been using earlier in the day, and it was locked hard.  After a couple attempts to wake it up, I rebooted it. It never booted back up.  After a while, I got the Question Mark/File Folder error, which shows that it was unable to mount […]