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couple of crazy weekends

Today, we got a chance to wind down, which was well deserved after our last few weeks. Last weekend, we were in Grand Rapids for the MMBA Wester Chapter hosting of the Midwest MTB Summit.  We were there from Thurday afternoon to Sunday, and got the meet some great people, learn some great stuff about […]

what a feaking week

I’m not going to be upset to see this week end.  I mean, it’s hard enough to get back to work after a two week vacation, but it to have it be one of ‘those’ week is just not cool. I’ve had a project at work that has been under a deadline, but have been […]

LONG day finally over

Today, today was a very long day. We starting out leaving the house a ~6:30AM to head to Addison Oaks for the CPS XC race that the Metro North chapter was holding.  Thanks to a bit of luck, great timing company and land manager, and a LOT of help from a ton of great volunteers, […]