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The Poto

It’s amsing how quickly you can fall out of the habit of posting.  Well, enough rambling about that. This Memorial Day was spent doing some round the house work, and getting in a decent amount of riding.  Saturday, we did some house work, and built a 6’x8′ gound level deck off the back porch for […]

mumbling on a tuesday

The weight is being stubborn. I’ve started to get back into the biking for the season, mostly spinning, but a couple times outside this month.  I’ve trimmed back on the intake too.  Not full out veggies and water, but a noticable scaling back.  But, the weight is not going much of anywhere.  It’s like an […]

Iceman 2008

For me, Iceman was something I was looking forward to for two reason.  First, it’s Iceman!  A great weekend of run racing, and hanging out with friends and drinking.  But also, for me, it was the last event in a stretch of fall that was constant events or traveling.  From mid-September to early November, we […]

what a feaking week

I’m not going to be upset to see this week end.  I mean, it’s hard enough to get back to work after a two week vacation, but it to have it be one of ‘those’ week is just not cool. I’ve had a project at work that has been under a deadline, but have been […]

Cool Weather, Cool Ride

Marty and were able to get out of the house relatively early this morning (a bit before 10AM) and head out to Stony Creek for a ride.  The weather was beautiful, the trail was in great condition (after getting some much needed rain earlier this week)  We were able to ride the course for the […]

SS Fever

I’m not sure what exactly happened to me, but I’ve got a case of SS fever lately. About 3 months ago, I finally got my Vassago Jabber Wocky frame and built it up.  I parked my squisy geared bike, and figured I’d give my new bike some quality time….and I havent’ swung my leg over […]

Shorter then expected

After doing some household tasks this evening (Marty did bills and I put cadance sensors on the SS bikes) we headed out for a ride to the beach. Till I got a flat after 2 1/2 miles. Since we were so close to home, there wasn’t much time left for riding, and we still had […]

Spinning our Asses off

Despite some early rain, Marty and I headed out and did some long rail trail and backroad riding. We got up sort of early, and checked out the weather.  There was a small system moving through, but it looked weak, and nothing coming behind it.  So we tossed the bikes onto the Jeep, and headed […]

3 for 3 Weekend

Those bikes never came in the house the whole weekend.  From when we loaded them on Friday till when we pulled them down Sunday afternoon, they were out for riding the whole time. Friday, we headed out to PLRA for a lap with Mike, Kim and The Sherp.  Our riding has been minimal the past […]

Ice Cream Trip

Sunday, Marty and I decided to bike west on Metro Parkway to Dodge Park, and see if we could find our way to the tunnel under M59 in Utica. We explored some of the bandit trails through the park.  Some were nice, some were obviously not often used and very overgrown.  I know that there […]