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No Lumberjack for me.

After some thought and consideration, I’ve decided to sell my entry for the Lumberjack 100 this year. I realized that I had already started to stress myself over it. Anytime I thought about riding, I was concerned that I got a good “training ride” in, with lots of miles and hours, because LJ is right […]

September is over….FINALLY!

At some point early in the month, I was thinking about how glad I would be to see October, because that would mean that I survived the end of September. The week leading up the Addison Oaks Race was a blur of last minute activity, but in the end, everything came off PERFECTLY.  The race […]

LONG day finally over

Today, today was a very long day. We starting out leaving the house a ~6:30AM to head to Addison Oaks for the CPS XC race that the Metro North chapter was holding.  Thanks to a bit of luck, great timing company and land manager, and a LOT of help from a ton of great volunteers, […]

Quickie Update

More details later, but quickie update. Saturday was 12 Hours of Addison.  I decided to do 6 hours solo.  Got 6 laps in, and just didn’t feel like doing more.  One of the hardest things about solo for me so far is the mental aspect of pushing yourself to get back out and ride the […]

30 Days and Counting

30 days before the Lumberjack100, and I really am not ready for this race yet. I’m finally getting out and getting some miles onto my legs, and I’ve mad a commitment to try to ride as much as I can over the next month, even it’s just out the front door and putting 20+ miles […]