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No Lumberjack for me.

After some thought and consideration, I’ve decided to sell my entry for the Lumberjack 100 this year. I realized that I had already started to stress myself over it. Anytime I thought about riding, I was concerned that I got a good “training ride” in, with lots of miles and hours, because LJ is right […]

mumbling on a tuesday

The weight is being stubborn. I’ve started to get back into the biking for the season, mostly spinning, but a couple times outside this month.  I’ve trimmed back on the intake too.  Not full out veggies and water, but a noticable scaling back.  But, the weight is not going much of anywhere.  It’s like an […]

Long Haul Trucker for the MFer

Been itching and scratching to get a decent road bike for quite some time.  I had a couple of reasons for this: The current road bike I have is a Giant TCR, which is a stiff, harsh and severe bike.  Not the most comfortable bike for a mostly MTBer.  But, I got it used and […]