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Belize – Part 1

I’ve been promising people that I’d some blog posts about our trip to Belize in February, but life just got all busy again since returning from the trip.  But, life is always busy, so it’s time to just sit down and start to hammer through it. I’m trying to remember exactly when our friends Shari and Robin brought […]

what a feaking week

I’m not going to be upset to see this week end.  I mean, it’s hard enough to get back to work after a two week vacation, but it to have it be one of ‘those’ week is just not cool. I’ve had a project at work that has been under a deadline, but have been […]

Holy Hemotoma!

Marty noticed this morning that Shinia has developed another hemotoma on one of her ears.  She’s 13 years old, and she get’s them from shaking her head and itching her ears (she has allergies, which affect her ears)..  Last time this happened, the hematoma was pretty bad, and it was ~$1500 all said and done, […]

..and we're back!!

It’s been a few years since we’ve been able to make it up north for the annual week at Platte Lake. But, this year we were able to take a half week off and head up. We got up around 6 pm Wednesday, and have got into full vacation mode already. Dogs have had tons […]

About amsterDam Time

After planning and delaying for 2 years, we’re finally going to Europe to see our bud Jessica.  We were pretty close to heading over there last year, but ‘things’ happened, and we weren’t able to pull it off.  But, this time, it’s on bitches! We’ll be heading over there in October (the day after my […]