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Things are a changing

Been fooling around with some stuff on the site the past few days.  Might notice some changes. I noticed that WordPress had added much better inport/export features to their software since the last time I checked, and that I could combine my old blog with this one fairly easily.  So, combine them I have.  The […]

Nerdy Updates

Couple of cool propellor head type things I’ve found and played with in the 24 hours. I’ve been looking for a way to intergrate some of the my OTHER blog like outposts on Internet into this blog.  Things like Twitter, Facebook, Flick, etc.  While looking for individual tools for each of those external feeds, I […]

time to pop another virgin

Well, what do we have here? Yeah, another attempt at the blog. I’ve have have a couple of domains sitting around, so I got the idea that I’m going to use the different domains for different things.  I want to do a more static ‘who I am’ page, that also links to many of my […]